welcome to yoga with sita

sita in yellowYoga and meditation have been proven to increase health, peace and happiness. More and more people are practicing yoga because it works - they feel better, have better relationships, and achieve their goals.

While classical yoga traditions have been around for centuries, the power of yoga to heal is only now being realized by normal people with everyday lives. This is not a fad or a trend, but simply the result of more and more people looking for something that is missing in their lives and turning to yoga to fill that need. The benefits really are too many to mention in one place, and now science and medicine are starting to prove the results in quantitative ways.

The benefits of yoga can be yours as well, no matter what your starting point.

yoga works

Whether you want to practice yoga in a casual way, or delve deeper into the ancient teachings, yoga has a lot to offer. At any level of practice you can reap the benefits in your mind and body.

On these pages, Sita presents her offerings for private sessions and public workshops. She is currently living near Austin, Texas, but is willing to travel to your location. Contact her today and change your life for the better.

3 tree poses with water